I am a Full Service Agent and Here's why....

Real Estate

I have discussed Discount VS Full Service Brokerages before and I dive deeper into the subject here, based on 2 seller closings last week.

I was referred by an agent at a new home construction site, to 2 sellers, needing to sale their homes in order to purchase a new home. They were a daughter and her parents,  living on the same quiet cul de sac, one house apart with the parents having lived there for 40 years and the daughter for 5 years. Same model house, very different condition's. We met several times before listing the homes and as they are very private people, accommodations on my part became necessary, including no sign in yard, limited photos on MLS, and no lockbox for the daughters home, so I was present at all showings and the only showing for the parents home was a 6 hour open house. https://youtu.be/gFSSMZmrI1Y

They did not use email, so every doc needing to be signed, I went to their house; I spent 3 hours going over seller disclosures( which in Ca are 40+ pages) provided them with a licensed contractor for repairs/trash out and a trusted moving company and storage facility as their new homes were still under construction.

Beyond the extreme requirements of the seller's, I understood the stress of dismantling a life lived for 40 years and the emotions thst go along with it, as well as the fact that neither party had sold a home before , answering endless questions and concern's, until we reached our close of escrow date, where they both thanked me profusely for helping them on this journey.

My point is this, no discount brokerage can provide this level of service, as their model is high volume based, whereas mine is service based. 

I'm a full service agent and  I earn my full commission.